Swing Spitfire 2+

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The Spitfire 2 Plus is a classy speed rider, based on the basic concept for the previous version. It has direct and uncompromising handling and feels completely at home on the powder slopes of our mountains. The new, very lightweight and robust 15 d-tex fabric reduces any canopy sluggishness, thus making control behavior more intuitive and precise. This allows pilots to focus entirely on their line even in difficult terrain.

We also optimized operation of the reworked riser with new trimmer design and improved feel. All in all, these changes result in simplified handling for pilots and allow safe and rapid adjustment to the glide angle even with thick winter gloves.

With its new fabric and optimized riser, the Spitfire 2 Plus is intended once again for all passionate speed riding pilots who don’t want to make any compromises on their big day.

Product highlights:

  • unmatched large range between glide and very steep dive
  • very straightforward launch behavior, even in deep powder snow
  • direct and uncompromising handling through short lines for maximum canopy feedback and crisp barrel rolls
  • reduced canopy inertia thanks to the new very lightweight 15 d-tex canopy fabric. The canopy remains stable above the pilot even in deep powder snow and follows without hesitation on tight turns
  • extended control travel, thus making it optimized for speed riding, with exponential increase in pressure against stalls and simple control even in rugged terrain
  • high canopy stability in steep dives and turbulence
  • optimized design with 3 line levels for less line resistance and straightforward ground handling
  • high energy conversion even at low speed
  • 3D shaping for perfect profile accuracy and sail tension
  • new optimized riser with better feel, safe and easy to use, even with thick gloves
  • completely new 2019 design in 3 color schemes
  • sizes available: Comp / 8.5 / 9.5 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 16 / 18 (Twin)*

* Note: Strength tests mean that size 18(Twin) is available only in the materials and colors used for the previous model (gold and blue) 

Target group:

The Spitfire 2 Plus is intended for pilots focused on speed riding and uncompromising swooping fans, who are also wanting to launch without skis from time to time.

Sizes 13, 15 and 16 are best suited for novice pilots and training. With these sizes, the dampened and forgiving handling is a great help during the learning curve.