Sup' Air Leaf

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In the Supair range, the LEAF is undoubtedly the glider which will put most smiles on faces. The young wolf hungry for distance and the wise old fox who values his peace of mind will both be satisfied with this glider designed for everyday use in all conditions.

The LEAF is a « REAL » EN B glider, designed to please any pilot able to fly a wing of this class.


Category : EN-B

Sizes : XS / S / M / L

Colors : Earth / Flower / Sunset



The LEAF benefitted from close attention in the sail design, as evidenced in a sophisticated internal structure. Sup’Air Smart Mini Ribs allow for smooth airflow at the trailing edge and will last longer than conventional ones. The simple and fully sheathed line set will prevent trouble on take-off and the need for frequent re-trimming. Thin risers with low friction Ronstan pulleys are another sign of our quest for quality.

On inflation, the LEAF reveals its docile personality and rises smoothly above the pilot without lagging behind or overshooting, and once there it patiently waits for lift-off.

This sensation of comfort is again evident in the air. The LEAF immediately inspires confidence and leaves the pilot’s mind free to concentrate on analyzing the air mass and deciding on which route to take. A high level of passive safety will help the least experienced to cope better with turbulence, while the more accomplished pilots will handle strong conditions with more confidence. The glider is particularly undemanding on the pitch axis ; it stays centred above the pilot and doesn’t require constant correction.

This capacity to absorb a difficult air mass hasn’t come at the expense of enjoyment. Like all Sup’Air gliders, the LEAF produces a real gliding sensation and its natural agility makes it a real toy to fly in thermals. Widening, tightening, inverting the turn all come instinctively with a good margin for error for the novice pilots and enough precision to satisfy those with more experience.

Our test-flying programme in real conditions easily demonstrated the LEAF’s potential to explore the sky and discover wide open spaces. Thanks to high-end Ronstan pulleys, speedbar pressure is very soft and long transitions can be flown in relaxed mode. The LEAF will the faithful companion of the first XC league declarations and far beyond for anyone who doesn’t want their fun to be spoilt on big cross-country flights.



Self-sufficient pilot
Foot- or tow launched

Thin risers with wide base
Low friction Ronstan pulleys
Low friction rings
Smart mini ribs
Big-ear Kit
Wingtip cleaning system

Outer surface cloth : Porcher Sport Skytex 38 g/m²
Inner surface cloth : Porcher Sport Skytex 32 g/m²

Ribs cloth : Porcher Sport 32 hard finish
Tapes cloth : Porcher Sport SR 170
High and middle lines : Liros
Lower lines : Edelrid

EN 926 – 1 and 2 & LTF 91/09 – Class B

Made in Thailand