Swing Nyos RS

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When pilots achieve personal best performances, the main reason is of course the pilot does the right thing on the right day. It is equally important that the pilot and the gear used are in perfect harmony, so that the pilot is able to focus fully on the task at hand.

When SWING developed the NEXUS, it devised a completely new overall concept, which gives top priority to stability, manageability and comfort during flight. During the 2015 cross-country season, our team pilots demonstrated by their outstanding performances what is possible with this kind of wing, which allows the pilot total concentration.

The NEXUS has been developed further to create the NYOS for EN-B pilots. It is a performance-oriented wing, which perfects the new feeling in flight: comfort, stability and manageability, combined with lively handling and superior climbing in thermals.

Let the NYOS take you to a whole new series of personal bests!