SpeedFlying Training

Speedflying is one of the newest and most fun sports in the world. Pioneers of the sport were "ground launching" parachutes in the early 90's. If you are a paraglider pilot you know all too well how increased wind speeds can limit you fun, or maybe your local site lacks the thermals for your enjoyment. Let us introduce you to; Speedflying, Speedriding or MiniWings. Smaller than traditional gliders (higher wingloading) and lower aspect ratio; they're very intuitive to control and can actually be more stable.
Whether you're into foot launched Speedflying or ski launched Speedriding, it's an awesome way to have fun on a windy (or no-wind) day. It is the most versatile form of freeflight, period. With our professional USHPA Mini-Wing Instructors, it’s quite simple to learn and this is a suitable option for even some beginner level paraglider pilots. Footlaunching is a necessary part of the progression, if your goal is to Speedride (with skis). Most of our students are cross-over, multisport, athletes, coming from kiteboarding, skydiving, BASE and paragliding backgrounds...BUT there's no prerequisite for our M1 program, if you have drive and passion you will learn as much as you want from our course.