Store Policy


Within the U.S. only, no exceptions!

For Alaska and Hawaii residents, please contact Derek Dutton at Or call 808-269-7824, if you'd like to purchase SWING Speedwings.


Before you proceed with a purchase, please be absolutely SURE, that you REALLY want to go through with your decision. Because once you click on that BUTTON, there's no going back!

However, if you do end up having a little change of heart within 24 hours…

  • A partial refund may be fulfilled.
  • Note that; There will be a .03% charge deducted from the original amount paid, to cover any transaction fees, from our merchant service provider. Which we won't be held responsible, to cover.
  • No Returns & Refunds, on purchased items.


You need to be a pilot with the proper ratings, to purchase a glider of your choice. However, if you are new to the sport and are working on getting your certification, we may ask for a letter of referral from your current instructor.

 Thank you for your cooperation.

Let's Fly!