Learn How To Paraglide, Speedfly, or Speedride

Learn how to Speedfly

Speedflying is one of the newest and most fun sports in the world. Pioneers of the sport were "ground launching" parachutes in the early 90's. If you are a paraglider pilot you know all too well how increased wind speeds can limit you fun, or maybe your local site lacks the thermals for your enjoyment. Let us introduce you to; Speedflying, Speedriding or MiniWings. Smaller than traditional gliders (higher wingloading) and lower aspect ratio; they're very intuitive to control and can actually be more stable.


Learn How To Paraglide

In paragliding, we use ridge lift or thermal lift to stay up. Sometimes we can stay up as long as we want! We actually don't need  lift to fly, so no worries! Paragliders fly much more efficiently than a traditional parachute. It's like cruising around, soaring the skies, while chillin in a high performance hammock. Please come get a bird's eye view with us, our goal is to show you a whole new perspective of the world!