Aska One Seven | Speed Flying Wing

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We present you our new speedfly wing. A wing designed for a large audience.  Both accessible and fun for those who want to discover speedflying. It will also be appreciated by experienced pilots wishing to play in more difficult conditions with good performances and good active safety.



Speed flying or mini wing

The term speedflying or mini wing , comes from flying with a smaller wing compared to a conventional glider (between 13 and 19m ² for speedflying, average between 22m ² and 28m ² for paragliding).  These wings open up new possibilities in conditions you would normally not fly with a bigger wing . But you don’t need “bad” flying conditions to enjoy the sensations of this playful wing.


The One Seven is designed to assist you in the development of your speedflying skills . This is an easy wing, with a large control range, good damping, quick inflation, immediate control of the pilot taking off and a good flairThis wing can be used in both high winds and in thermal conditions.Excellent compromise finesse, performance and security, provides access to longs safe flights.

It comes with a carrying back pack, a fast-pack bag and manual.

Technical specs:

Flat surface :  17 m²
Cels :  30
Aspect Ratio :  4.6
Weight :  3.7 kg
Bridle height : 

5,1 m