ITV Awak2 Tandem

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The tandem Awak2 is the ideal compromise for tandem pilots keen to fly light under an easy to use high performance wing coming out of the latest technological advances : 3 lines layout design with batons inside the leading edge.

Taking-off under its 35 m2 surface area is quite easy, requiring little effort from the pilot; handling is a delight for such small glider, tight thermaling with the Awak2 is a game-play and pure pleasure. Landing is easy as can be, intuitive, with a superb ground effect at the end.
Certified EN B.


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    Taille / Size : 35m
    A/R : 5.4
    Alvéoles / Cells : 55
    PTV parapente / Paragliding All up weight :100-220kg
    PTV paramoteur / PPG All up weight : 100-293kg
    Vitesse bras hauts / Trim speed : 45 km/h
    Vitesse max / Max speed : 58 km/h
    Homologation / Certification :EN-B (180kg) / EN-C (220kg)