ITV Dolpo Everest

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With its super light weight, solidity in turbulent air and speed, it has attracted many pilots and mountaineers alike.
The Dolpo Everest inflates effortlessly, quickly takes off and is a breeze due to its precision and agility. Available with thin unsheathed lines or protected lower lines; your choice!


  • 20m²
    Taille / Size : 20m
    A/R : 5.2
    Alvéoles / Cells : 48
    PTV parapente / Paragliding in flight weight :50kg
    PTV paramoteur / PPG in flight weight : 110kg
    Vitesse bras hauts / Arms up speed : 46 km/h
    Vitesse max / Max speed : 60 km/h
    Homolog : EN-C