Sup' Air Strike Harness + Trek Light Backpack

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The STRIKE came out of our X-ALPS 2015 design. It is a harness fully dedicated to Hike & Fly competitions. Its great inboard comfort makes it much more versatile than its light weight would let one assume.

Sizes : S / M / L 

Weight : 2140 g (Medium)


The STRIKE can be used without the mini-seat plate and without the removable pocket ( the size M weighs 2020 g). The easily removable BUMP’AIR can be carried separately or may not be used at all in flight. Without it the harness’s weight looses 560 gr. And drops to 1460 g.

The optional 250 gr. BUMPAIR ultra light, enables a complete harness to be flown at a weight of only 1710 gr. without the mini-seat plate, and 1840 gr. with it. This ultra light BUMPAIR is efficient on a first impact but is not certified because of its degrading properties on a second impact.

The structural design of the Split-Leg harness with a removable mini-seat plate brings clean and precise steering sensations. The piloting and comfort perceptions are very close to those of the DELIGHT2.

Landing in the mountains or in turbulent zones, the STRIKE is easy to pilot with bent legs or out of the Speedbag. During takeoff, running is made easy (light Split-Leg harness), the transition to sitting inside the Speedbag is obvious. In flight, the adjustments and geometry of the harness can be adapted to the morphology and flight posture of each pilot. A seated reclined posture provides excellent body support.

Important safety factor with a 14 cm BUMPAIR certified LTF. Split-Leg auto-stable design (ABS type). The STRIKE is stable with feature greatly appreciated by X-ALPS pilots! The right leg must step through the closed right leg strap: it is a permanently closed safety system!




Hike & Fly competition
Upright to semi-reclined posture
For skilled and advanced pilots

Front mounted rescue container and riser parachute connections to the shoulders
Auto-stable Split-Leg seat
Closed right step-in leg loop strap

Gear / comfort
Removable carbon fiber mini-seat plate
Integrated speedbag
Integrated speed-bar/accelerator
Instrument support atop the reserve parachute container
Double stage light speed-bar/accelerator adapted to the Speedbag
Pre-equipped for hydration system
20 mm diameter Zelden pulleys.

Dorsal storage pocket
Speedbag lateral pocket
Ballast pocket under and front of the seat
Removable stuff pocket inside the Speedbag

Shoulder straps adjustments
Chest strap adjustments
Backrest adjustments with additional lumbar support
Speedbag length adjustments

Nylon 210D Ripstop
Nylon 100D
Sangle Dyneema

Norme EN 1651 : 1999




This product is delivered with :
– Connect
– Mini carbon fiber seat plate
– O handle
– Carbon fiber foot-plate, size S,M,L 25×33 cm
– Light Speedbag two stage speed-bar/accelerator
– User’s manual (CD)

Options :
– ultra light BUMPAIR STK