Swing Arcus 7

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Arcus = paragliding

For new pilots, the name "Arcus" is practically synonymous with paragliding itself. Experienced pilots associate the Arcus with a glider which is easy to fly and which stands for performance along with safety and fun. Now the Arcus 7 is setting new standards. The latest addition to the Arcus family scores its first point by the fact it offers even more safety than the model it is replacing. And you don't need to look very far to find a number of enhancements.

Arcus 7 versus Arcus 6 - what's new?

You can't fail to notice the increased sweepback and the greater uniformity along the canopy radius which, together with the new profile, ensure better glide and climb. In addition, the Arcus 7 has mini-ribs, a ring-reefing system for the brakes, 3D-shaping and small rods in the leading edge (which can be replaced easily and quickly, should the need arise). There has been a 40m reduction in line length and the line diameter was reduced. Add up all of these features, and the result is much better launch behaviour and greater flight stability. The increase in control pressure gives the pilot better handling and the good flare on landing ensures a great feeling right till you're back on land.

Arcus 7 – design & construction

  • 0.75m2 smaller, for same size
  • Higher projected aspect ratio
  • A more uniform canopy radius
  • Wing swept back further, similar to the Mistral 6
  • New profile = better glide, climb and connection to updrafts
  • Mini-ribs in the trailing edge
  • Ring-reefing system for better handling
  • 40m reduction of lines.
  • Smaller line diameter, same as Mistral 6
  • Nylon rods in the leading edge, flexible and bend resistance
  • 3D-shaping in the leading edge for best performance

Arcus 7 flight characteristics

  • Improved launch
  • Better in flight stability
  • Linear control pressure increase improved, noticeably better handling.
  • Better climb
  • Improved glide
  • Flight behavior is more integrated and balanced, increasing passive safety – EN-A unaccelerated
  • Landing flair better.

Arcus - simple and almost a legend

The Arcus 7 is the ideal glider to continue the success story of the Arcus. It is intended both for newbie pilots and for the old hands who don't regard simple handling, safety and impressive performance as being incompatible. The Arcus 7 is an all-rounder and, because success stories are important, unaccelerated it is still an EN-A glider. Or in other words: Arcus 7.