Swing Apus RS

Regular price $2,795.00

The Apus RS is the first mini wing to feature RAST technology. The system was optimized further for lightweight gliders in order to increase stability and to reduce movement in turbulence. This results in a more comfortable feeling during flight and a significant increase in performance. Furthermore, the Apus RS launches effectively and safely on high-alpine launch sites!

With a projected surface area of 14 to 25m and weighing as little as 2.5kg, the Apus RS is suitable for alpine adventures. Hike & Fly, or simply as a lightweight second wing for traveling, or some flying fun from time to time. The Apus RS is also available in a more durable fabric, for those pilots not concerned about every last gram of weight. The version extends its range to use further (e.g. coastal soaring). Depending on the wing load, the Apus RS can be used for both pleasant thermal flying and also for flying in strong winds and dynamic turns. The choice is yours!


For more information on the Swing RAST design, please check here: http://technology.swing.de/