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Justin Boer a.k.a. Chief SandHawk (1980 - 2019) 

Justin was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He found his motivation to fly, in 2008 after conversations he had with his grandfather. He decided to Skydive and from that moment on, he had a new purpose. Skydiving led to BASE-Jumping and from there, Justin became a Certified Paragliding Pilot & Advanced Instructor.

Through all of his time flying, his love to soar drove him to a partnership with his buddy, Daniel Randall. Who also taught Justin to paraglide. Together, they started a paragliding business called, FlyStyle in 2009. Though, the partnership only lasted about 2 years, Justin still believed in growing the sport. So he ventured off and continued on, by establishing his own paragliding business; Freeboern Air Sports.

In 2013, Justin was involved in a tragic accident, which left him paralyzed from the knees down. Doctors told him he would never walk, again. Through his strength, dedication, and determination, he persevered and was able to not only walk again, but live his dream and fly. All, while keeping a smile on his face.

After his accident, he moved to Hawaii. And while residing there, he was given the opportunity to assist AccesSurf. Which led him to becoming a part of their Adaptive Surf Team. During that time, Justin had the privilege in working with the “Fly Again” project, led by Red Bull Athlete, Veso Ovcharov of Fly The Earth. Justin knew this was his calling, and a direction he needed to pursue. AccesSurf and “Fly Again”, inspired Justin to found his own non-profit organisation, to help adaptive athletes make their dream of flight come true. But the plan had to be put on hold, for a while. As he was working on other projects.

After 3 years of residency in Hawaii, Justin left the island and moved to Idaho. And there, he partnered up with his good friend, Scott Edwards, to open the largest flight park in the Northwest; Horseshoe Bend Flight Park.

Justin still in search to fulfill his passion, on a mission to help those that are less fortunate, finally resumed with his previous plan and eventually announced the start of his non-profit business called, Sky ThAIRapy. He had so much compassion, for those with disabilities. His true life goal and dream was to find a way to help others in similar situations, by finding the freedom and excitement he found in the sport, and in life.

Flying was Justin's passion. And he loved sharing the joy with others, by giving tandem flights. He was an avid Speedflyer and mastered the sport in such a way, watching him fly was like an art form. He could Wagga for hours and barrel through the air like a pro! His love for it grew even more, as he was introduced to Acro.

He lived life to the fullest, and brought joy to everyone he met. His smile was contagious and his presence alone, lit up a room. Justin was an inspiration and touched many lives.

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