Our Dealer Friends

Looking for other brands of wings, we can't provide you with? Or, a dealer within your region? Look no further, our friends have got you covered!

Derek Dutton/Hawaii & Alaska SWING Importer 

Contact Info:

E-mail: SpeedflyHawaii@gmail.com

Phone: (808) 269-7824


Michael Dunning/LEVEL Wings Dealer

Contact Info:

E-mail: MichaelDunning@gmail.com

Phone: (208) 721-2102


Scott Jenkins/OZONE Speed - Idaho Importer/OZONE PG Dealer

Contact Info:

E-mail: swj2556@yahoo.com

Phone: (208) 293-2783


Patrick McFarland/U.S. DaVinci Importer

Contact Info:

E-mail: CatchingThermals@gmail.com

Website: www.catchingthermals.com


Scott Edwards/Little Cloud Dealer - Idaho

Contact Info:

Email: Info@hsbflightpark.com

Phone: (208) 602-7554