Swing Mito M Used

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This is a demo glider and has less than 90 flights. Great condition, no damage. Comes with paraglider bags. Cosmic color.

The MITO is a paraglider for ambitious pilots. It's a sporty EN-A wing. The first paraglider made with the exclusive Swing patented RAST technology, read below for more info.

If you are wanting to turn the dream of flying into a reality, then the MITO is the ideal glider for you. Its launch behavior is uncomplicated and harmonious, which ensures that novices will make rapid progress and gives advanced pilots peace of mind in difficult areas or in challenging launch conditions.

And once you are airborne, the MITO will win you over with its balanced handling which, combined with excellent climb rate, guarantees unique flying experiences which make our sport so special.

The MITO is the result of a combination of innovative ideas, advanced technologies and sound development work, based on decades of experience in paraglider development. Our goal: to develop a paraglider on which beginners and occasional flyers can rely 100% and which offers a good deal of flying enjoyment without overextending the pilot.